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In March, 2005 the Salinas Redevelopment Agency, the Buddhist Temple, the Franciscan Workers, and the Coalition of Homeless Services Providers sponsored a community summit to address area homelessness with more than 100 people in attendance. One of the end results of this summit was the creation of the Salinas Downtown Community Board (SDCB) with 24 seats that represent property owners, local businesses, community service providers, and local government and institutions. Formally established in November, 2005 and incorporated as a non-profit in July, 2007, the SDCB has met monthly in the Chinatown neighborhood to advise policy makers regarding development plans for the area. These multi-stakeholder meetings create an important forum for the exchange of ideas among diverse community members, and continue to help build trust in the collaborative process. Though conceived as a resource for the entire downtown Salinas area, the SDCB’s first initiative is the Chinatown Renewal Project, with the theme of “Creating a Thriving Community.”

Mission & Purpose

The SDCB’s mission is to provide advice and recommendations to local government, government agencies and other community stakeholders on issues focused on improving the quality of life for individuals and businesses located in the downtown Salinas area. The purpose of the SDCB is to provide a dynamic forum for key stakeholders to address aspects of community life as they relate to its mission and activities.


On March 4, 2005 the City of Salinas Redevelopment Agency, the Franciscan Workers, the Coalition of Homeless Service Providers and Buddhist Temple hosted a community forum with more than 100 people in attendance. The end result was the creation of the Salinas Downtown Community Board (SDCB) with 24 voting members and 8 affiliated:

Government Agencies and Institutions (6 members)
City of Salinas Redevelopment Agency, CSUMB, MC Housing Authority, MC Dept. of Social and Employment Services, Hartnell College and Salinas PD.

Businesses (6 members)
Oldtown Salinas Association, Salinas United Business Association, Local Business (2 seats), SV Chamber of Commerce, National Steinbeck Center.

Residents and Community Members (6 members)
Buddhist Temple, Confucius Church, Downtown Resident (2 seats), Soledad Street Resident, Out of the Woods Inc.

Social Service Providers (non-profits) (6 members)
Shelter Outreach Plus, Community Human Services, Franciscan Workers (Dorothy’s Place), Sun Street Centers, Housing Advocacy Council of Monterey, Victory Mission

Other Affiliated Organizations
Coalition of Homeless Service Providers, Ace Upholstry, Property Owner, Union Pacific Railroad, Salinas City Council (2 seats), CSUMB Project Staff

The SDCB has five Action Team (work groups) which focus on specific issues/concerns identified in the Chinatown Renewal Plan. Neighborhood safety (Safety, Security and Sanitation Action Team), historic and cultural impact (Asian Cultural Encounter), homeless persons and support services (Chinatown Homeless Action Team), elimination of geographic isolation (Reconnection Action Team) and community awareness/public relations (Communication/Publicity Committee). Each address critical issues for the renewal of the neighborhood.